XL and Telkomsel appointed as KSO partners to manage 4G in 7,904 3T villages

29 Sep 2021

The Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI), a unit within Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI, aka KemKominfo), has selected domestic mobile operators XL Axiata and Telkomsel (Telekomunikasi Selular) to act as Operational Cooperation Partners (KSO) to deliver 4G services in the country’s frontier, outermost and least developed regions – often referred to as 3T (terdepan, terluar, tertinggal) regions. President Director of BAKTI KemKominfo, Anang Latif, confirmed that the two mobile providers would manage the provision of 4G base transceiver stations (BTS) built by BAKTI KemKominfo in 7,904 villages in 3T zones. ‘We are only preparing the infrastructure, because the frequency issue is, of course, the operator’s property. So that’s our collaboration with operators,’ he is quoted by IndoTelko as explaining.