Romania consults on indicative tariffs for pole access

29 Sep 2021

Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has opened a consultation on its draft decision on indicative tariffs charged to telecoms network operators for access to the overhead infrastructure owned or operated by electricity distribution companies and local public transport services. The proposed tariffs are intended to avoid disputes between such companies and telecom network providers seeking or benefiting from access to their infrastructure.

For access to the infrastructure of electricity distribution companies, ANCOM is proposing rates of RON1.84 (USD0.43) per pole/cable/month (exclusive of VAT) for poles supporting overhead low voltage power lines, RON3.46 per pole/cable/month for those carrying medium voltage lines and RON22.62 per km/cable/month for infrastructure supporting high voltage lines. The proposed rate for access to poles owned and managed by local public transport services such as tramways is RON7.44 per pole/cable/month. Stakeholders have until 27 October to submit their comments.