Ecuador and CITEL partner to connect rural areas

29 Sep 2021

Ecuador’s Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society (Mintel) and the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL) have signed a memorandum of understanding to extend connectivity in the country. Under the agreement, CITEL – a body of the Organisation of American States – will provide technical advice to connect rural and inaccessible areas under Ecuador’s Digital Agenda strategy to reduce the digital divide.

Speaking during the online signing ceremony on 21 September, telecoms minister Vianna Maino said the agreement would not only deliver improved connectivity but also provide wider social benefits, such as education, health, training and entrepreneurship. The minister also highlighted the progress made during the first 120 days of President Lasso’s administration, including the expansion of mobile connectivity to 14 rural parishes, the activation of 4G mobile services in 285 locations and the deployment of 887 free Wi-Fi access points nationwide.

Ecuador, Ministry of Telecoms & Information Society (Mintel)