CityFibre expands partnership with Bechtel

29 Sep 2021

UK-based full fibre provider CityFibre claims to have ‘significantly extended and expanded’ its partnership with engineering, construction and project management company Bechtel, with a view to supporting the continued acceleration of its rollout. In a press release outlining the development, the company noted that Bechtel’s teams have been fully integrated into its organisational structure since September 2020, enabling CityFibre to accelerate the mobilisation of its 25 network construction partners and manage more than 60 parallel full town and city builds.

The new agreement between the two companies formalises a five-year extension to the partnership and will fully leverage Bechtel’s mega-project expertise in project controls, construction management, contracts management, and environment, safety and health. Bechtel will reportedly focus its leadership and construction management efforts in CityFibre’s north and southeast regions, areas with the greatest density of parallel builds. It will also continue to provide functional support across all regions as well as developing resource models to ensure thousands more operatives are trained and available to build partners to help construct the network.

According to the CityFibre, the alliance will help ensure its rollout continues to scale at pace while also ensuring unrivalled quality of network construction. The fibre provider has said that by the end of 2022 it expects to have more than 150 parallel full city, town and village builds underway, while looking further ahead the rollout will reach approximately 285 locations and address up to eight million premises by end-2025.

United Kingdom, CityFibre (incl. FibreNation)