Fujitsu and KDDI enter into partnership to leverage 5G technologies

28 Sep 2021

Fujitsu and KDDI (au) have announced the signing of an agreement to collaborate on creating new services that ‘enrich the customer experience and contribute to the resolution of social issues’ by utilising Fujitsu’s private 5G and KDDI’s au 5G technologies. Under the partnership the pair will look to implement the following with immediate effect:

• Demonstration of technology toward the realisation of a ‘5G Service Platform’ that interconnects Fujitsu’s private 5G with au 5G

• Co-creation of B2B to X (i.e. end users) services that combine the real and the virtual worlds

• Building an ecosystem with partners through mutual participation in the 5G Alliance operated by the two companies.

In a joint press release the pair explained that the ‘5G Service Platform’ is a service that links private 5G and au 5G services to provide a comprehensive range of solutions, through which Fujitsu and KDDI ‘aim to realise a world where the experience in real places such as shopping malls, gyms and restaurants can be expanded seamlessly with virtual reality’.

Japan, Fujitsu, KDDI (au)