KazTransCom integrated with Jysan Mobile

24 Sep 2021

Kazakh fixed telecoms network operator KazTransCom will be merged with associate company Jysan Mobile under an integration and rebranding programme of its parent Jysan Group, which has transferred the direct ownership of KazTransCom from Jysan Ventures to Jysan Bank. According to Profit.kz, on 22 September the legal name of KazTransCom became Jysan Mobile as one of the stages of the merger under a single brand of the group, which includes Jysan Bank, Jysan Invest and Jysan Shop. KazTransCom stated: ‘The change in the name will not affect the exercise by the company of its rights and obligations, as well as the relationship with our customers and employees.’

KazTransCom was taken over by Jysan Ventures in January 2021, while the previous month saw the launch of Kazakhstan’s second MVNO Jysan Mobile, owned by Jysan Bank and integrated with the bank’s services including a mobile app, online banking and ‘Jmart’ online marketplace. KazTransCom acts as technical integrator for the MVNO.

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