Kazakhstan to switch to its own international dial code

24 Sep 2021

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation & Aerospace Industry has disclosed a plan for the country to switch to a new international telephone dial code from 2023. Currently sharing Russia’s international prefix code ‘7’, Kazakhstan has reserved the code ‘997’ with the Telecommunication Standardisation Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the ministry confirmed on its website, adding that a transition plan has been formulated with telecoms operators. The issue of Kazakhstan’s exit from the 7-zone numbering must also be worked out with the communications administration of the Russian Federation under ITU regulations.

Under the plan, from January 2023 Kazakhstan’s new dialling code will be used in parallel with the existing code for two years, with the full transition expected to take place in 2025. Kazakh Minister of Digital Development Bagdat Musin declared: ‘Full transition to 997 will give us the opportunity to independently distribute the national numbering resource and will allow us to expand the national system in terms of the number of subscribers and services.’