BT contracts Oracle to help accelerate delivery of new 5G services

24 Sep 2021

BT Group has selected Oracle Communications Cloud Native Converged Policy Management to optimise its network resources and bring new 5G offerings to market faster. In a press release regarding the matter, the vendor claimed that the solution will enable BT to ‘quickly and seamlessly test and implement 5G services’ across the network operated by its mobile subsidiary, EE.

According to Oracle, its easy-to-use policy design engine will enable BT to test and quickly implement new 5G service plans and experiences, such as live streaming and augmented reality (AR), reducing testing and implementation time to a matter of minutes, instead of months. Oracle’s policy management will also reportedly give BT the flexibility to optimise network and subscriber resources to launch 5G-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) service offerings to consumer and enterprise customers.

Commenting, BT Group’s chief technology officer, Howard Watson, said: ‘BT Group, and EE in particular, have a long-standing, successful track record with Oracle … As we move to this next evolution in networking, Oracle is helping us reduce complexity with solutions that ease the migration to 5G and provide the flexibility needed both to introduce innovative new services, and also ensure we’re offering our customers the right levels of service according to their needs.’

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), EE