Sure Guernsey’s licence modified to allow for fibre trial

23 Sep 2021

A temporary licence modification that will allow Sure Guernsey to carry out a pilot test of fibre broadband in selected areas has been approved by the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA). In a press release regarding the development it was noted that Sure is seeking to carry out a pilot project to test the economic and technical viability of installing a fibre network in Guernsey, but that it would be in violation of its licence if an exemption from an obligation to provide an uninterruptable public emergency call service were not granted by the GCRA.

There are, however, conditions attached to the modification, specifically: that the pilot must be carried out over a limited time and area; and that those taking part must be furnished with an alternative means (i.e. a free mobile phone) of contacting the emergency services in a power outage during the period of the pilot. Meanwhile, it was noted that the pilot be based on an ‘opt-in, opt-out’ basis and will run for six months at premises in a mix of rural and urban areas, those being: the Admiral Park exchange area, Marina Court (St Peter Port), portions of Hauteville (St Peter Port and areas surrounding Rue du Gele (Castel).

Commenting, GCRA CEO Michael Byrne said: ‘We consider this temporary modification is appropriate and proportionate. It allows Sure to test the economic and technical viability of installing a fibre network, while at the same time protecting those who volunteer to participate in the project.’