Benin fibre expansion project gets USD40m Chinese loan

16 Sep 2021

Benin and China have signed a USD40 million concessional loan agreement for the implementation of Benin’s High Speed Network Densification Project (Projet de Densification du Reseau Haut Debit, PDRHD). As reported by Agence Ecofin, the funds will support the installation of at least 484km of fibre-optics in four departments: Mono, Zou, Collines and the North. The loan will also help build a 205km metropolitan fibre broadband network covering ten urban areas, including Route des peches, the 40km trunk road connecting economic capital Cotonou to the historical city Ouidah. ‘The project will also help connect lake zones to the national fibre-optic backbone thanks to the [high speed wireless transport] beam technology to allow everyone access to digital technologies in Benin,’ a government statement said.