Ogero suspends services in more areas amid fuel crisis

9 Sep 2021

Lebanese state-owned fixed internet and telephony operator Ogero announced yesterday (8 September 2021) the temporary suspension of its services in Ras Al Nabeh region, Beirut, due to the shortage of diesel fuel for electricity generators. Ogero stated that it would remain out of service in the region until it was re-supplied with diesel. As reported by LBC International, the statement was the latest in a series of similar announcements, with Ogero notifying the suspension of services in Tripoli Central, Al-Bahsas and a number of neighbouring areas on 27 August. In each case the telco added: ‘We apologise for these circumstances that are beyond our control.’

Since June this year Ogero has warned that nationwide power shortages would have serious knock-on effects on the company’s ability to provide internet and other telecoms services, whilst supplies of diesel for back-up generators have been interrupted.

Lebanon, Ogero Telecom