WorldLink launches 300Mbps broadband connection

8 Sep 2021

WorldLink Communications, Nepal’s largest ISP by subscribers, has launched a new 300Mbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service, the fastest broadband package available on the market. The connection, dubbed ‘WorldLink Photon’, is powered by a Mesh Wi-Fi system to provide enhanced coverage inside the home and is the company’s response to CG Net’s disruptive launch of an affordable 120Mbps package in June.

Speaking at the product launch, WorldLink Chairman Dileep Agrawal commented: ‘We are at the threshold of a home internet technology boom worldwide and there is a constant need to upgrade the internet speed at our home and have a superior home networking done with the state of the art devices and technology. Hence we take immense pride in launching the WorldLink Photon series with 300Mbps for the first time in Nepal and with it Mesh Wi-Fi home solution with Nokia Beacon 1.1 routers.’ The service is currently available in selected areas of Kathmandu following a network upgrade, but the company intends to expand availability to ‘other cities very soon’.

The new broadband plan is available to new and existing customers as both a standalone option or dual-play package with a TV service, with the option of a one, three or twelve-month subscription. A monthly subscription costs NPR2,100 (USD17.73), or NPR2,200 for the dual-play package, in addition to a NPR4,000 rental charge and NPR2,500 deposit for each Beacon 1.1 router and a NPR3,000 fee for the mesh network installation. By way of comparison, CG Net’s 120Mbps connection is currently priced at NPR999 a month, with a one-time set-up charge of NPR2,500 for a single band router and a refundable deposit of NPR500.

Nepal, WorldLink Communications