Virgin Media O2 gigabit speeds now available to more than 10m premises

8 Sep 2021

Virgin Media O2 has announced a milestone in the deployment of its gigabit-capable broadband network, confirming it now covers more than ten million premises across the UK. In a press release regarding the development, the company noted that two-thirds of its entire infrastructure footprint now has access to gigabit speeds, following upgrades to its network covering some 1.7 million homes and businesses in locations including: Blackpool, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Oxford and Swindon. Looking ahead, Virgin Media O2 has said it aims to deliver gigabit speeds across its entire network – which covers some 15.5 million premises – by the end of 2021.

Commenting, Lutz Schuler, chief executive officer at Virgin Media O2, said: ‘We’re rapidly expanding our gigabit broadband network and more than ten million homes across the UK can now access these next-generation speeds … As the UK’s largest gigabit provider today, committed to connecting our entire network to these speeds by the end of the year, our investment is helping the UK meet its broadband targets and providing consumers with connectivity fit for the future.’

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