Slovenia to auction 2100MHz spectrum

7 Sep 2021

Slovenia’s Agency for Communications Networks & Services (Agencija za komunikacijska omrezja in storitve, AKOS) has opened a tender for a 2×5MHz block of spectrum in the 2100MHz band. The block (1950MHz-1955MHz/2140MHz-2145MHz) was originally awarded to Tusmobil (now Telemach Mobil) in 2008 but rival operators complained that the award process had been unfair. Following years of legal challenges, a court ruling finally ordered Telemach to return the spectrum. While Telemach then applied to have the frequencies re-awarded, AKOS has decided that due to market demand the spectrum should be auctioned. Telemach competes with three other companies in Slovenia’s wireless sector: Telekom Slovenije, A1 and T-2.