KPN switching on XGS-PON in October

2 Sep 2021

Dutch telco KPN will activate XGS-PON technology in its fibre broadband access network in October, following positive field trials held during the summer in Scherpenzeel and Hengelo in Gelderland, it disclosed in a press release. XGS-PON offers speeds up to 10Gbps symmetric, compared to the current 2.5Gbps downstream/1.25Gbps upstream capabilities of KPN’s GPON network (deployed as standard from 2019) and 1Gbps symmetric Point-to-Point (P2P) fibre (KPN’s standard up to 2019). XGS-PON will become the new standard for the operator’s fibre deployments and future upgrades will see peak performance reach 25Gbps and higher.

KPN highlights that xPON technologies use splitters so that parts of the network can be used by different customers at the same time, with the advantages of faster rollout with fewer street cabinets while the network can be monitored remotely so that fewer technician visits are required and malfunctions are rarer. The customer can also switch more easily from one provider of telecom services to another.

Netherlands, KPN