ER-Telecom connects 435 settlements with GPON

31 Aug 2021

Russian broadband network operator ER-Telecom ( reported on its website that it has connected 435 settlements with high speed GPON fibre access, ranging from small rural villages to large cities in at least 36 regions of the country. By the end of the year, the company plans to connect another 130 settlements with GPON throughout Russia.

Commenting, ER’s VP of development and mass market Vladimir Romanov said: ‘Connecting the private sector on GPON technology is conducted by our company throughout the country since 2019. The construction of optics outside the city makes it possible to provide residents of the private sector with high quality communication services, on a par with the city. GPON technology has a high network bandwidth and allows our customers to connect tariffs at speeds up to 500Mbps, as well as digital TV and video surveillance.’

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