Ecuador watchdog begins renegotiating Claro and Movistar concessions

27 Aug 2021

Ecuador’s Agency for Regulation & Control of Telecommunications (Agencia de Regulacion y Control de las Telecomunicaciones, ARCOTEL) has announced negotiations have begun with Otelecel (Movistar) and Conecel (Claro), the country’s two largest mobile network operators (MNOs), regarding the renewal of their operating concessions. The process will establish the operators’ new frequency management rights as well as the technical, legal and economic conditions that will apply once their current licences expire in 2023.

National and international observers will monitor the negotiations to ensure the process is transparent, the regulator said in a press release. In addition to attracting new investment and generating jobs, the government hopes the new concessions will directly benefit the public by expanding coverage, connectivity, innovation and technological development.