Vodafone refarms 3G spectrum following network switch-off

26 Aug 2021

Vodafone Germany says it has almost completely refarmed its 3G frequencies for the provision of LTE services after shutting down the older network at the end of June. The firm says that the reallocation of 3G spectrum had enabled 4G users to experience faster mobile data speeds and greater network stability. The former 3G spectrum comprised of three blocks of 2×5MHz in the 2100MHz band, while a further 2×5MHz block acquired at auction in 2019 was put into use for LTE earlier this year. To complete the process, at some locations Vodafone says it must remove old antennas from masts or replace some elements, while some base stations that were previously only equipped with 3G still need to be upgraded with 4G technology.

Germany, Vodafone Germany