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26 Aug 2021

Filipino telecoms group PLDT, via PLDT Enterprise and its wireless arm Smart Communications, has partnered Nokia to develop enterprise-specific IoT services for its customers across the country, reports The Philippine Star. PLDT says its new ‘Smart IoT’ platform will be fully ready within the year, designed to ‘transform the way IoT applications are deployed and managed’ and ‘enhance businesses by allowing them to have full real-time visibility and control to up to hundreds of thousands of connected devices’. PLDT Enterprise senior VP Jovy Hernandez declared: ‘We put this vision forward with the Philippines’ first localised IoT offer and we believe that this will ultimately pave the way for the Philippines’ transformation to a nation of smart cities. At PLDT Enterprise, our vision is to make a positive impact on every single business, especially today as the pandemic continues to challenge the way we normally do things. And we affirm our unbreakable commitment to continue enabling the digital transformation of industries through innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things.’

Namibian cellco MTC and the Municipality of Swakopmund have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in supporting the public sector through the provision of innovative digital solutions, reports New Era. MTC’s MD Licky Erastus highlighted that the MoU is aimed at transforming Swakopmund to a smart city with a connected digital ecosystem attracting post-Covid economic activity in new areas while stimulating development of traditional sectors. Specific projects will include smart metering, enhanced service delivery, processes and systems efficiency, transforming government transaction services, data-driven business processes, better access to and management of information, enhancing citizen satisfaction, and supporting local digital innovation and solutions. MTC’s CCO Melvin Angula noted: ‘As a digital enabler [MTC has] embarked on adopting recent developments in IoT, AI and smart grids and meters to drive and support the development of smart sustainable cities.’

Following the recent 5G network rollout deal awarded to Ericsson by the Faroe Islands’ Faroese Telecom, the partners highlighted that the 5G network can transform the Islands’ main industry, fishing. In addition to serving vessels and fishing boats offshore through better coverage, lower latency and higher speeds, 5G can be combined with IoT and AI capabilities to enable new use cases and bolster sustainability efforts in the region. This will include safety improvement, autonomous navigation, route monitoring for fuel volume control and gas emissions, a press release stated. Previously, Faroese Telecom and Ericsson jointly developed KIMA, a public safety solution across the Islands.

US giant AT&T has announced its first 5G connected car deal, via an expanded collaboration with the GM group that will see selected 5G-equipped vehicles on the roads by 2024, and ‘millions’ of 5G GM vehicles rolling off the assembly line in the next ten years. GM added that Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac drivers with LTE-enabled 2019-and-newer models can easily shift to 5G capabilities once available. AT&T says it will ensure its core network can handle future needs of 5G-enabled – and eventually autonomous – vehicles, with Microsoft ‘Azure for Operators’ providing cloud network support.

Lynk & Co, a global mobility brand formed as a joint venture between Geely Holding, Geely Auto Group and Volvo Car Group, has launched its ‘always connected’ car, the ‘01’ SUV, using IoT networking and other infrastructure from Orange Business Services to deliver connected services to drivers across Europe. Orange’s IoT Managed Global Connectivity solution provides ‘secure and seamless’ integration between connected car services, internet access and online tracking, enabling downloadable billing reports and predictive maintenance updates, for example. SIMs with a unified global footprint are integrated during manufacture, while large configurable touch screens and telematics are ‘always connected’ to the internet and the car’s cloud. A press release adds: ‘The 01 SUV auto is sold on simplicity. Lynk & Co offers membership-based mobility for those who want to rent a car instead of purchasing it in the traditional sense. The car incorporates a share button, enabling owners to generate income via sharing functionalities. Lynk & Co members can also control, monitor and share their car from a smartphone app that communicates with the car via the cloud.’

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