Lebanese areas lose internet connectivity due to fuel shortage

17 Aug 2021

Lebanese state-owned telco Ogero disclosed yesterday (16 August 2021) that several areas have lost internet connectivity until further notice due to a shortage of diesel fuel for electricity generators. As reported by the The961.com, Ogero stated: ‘Our services have stopped temporarily within the range of the Barouk, Halba and Qoubayat centres until we are resupplied with diesel fuel. We apologise for this circumstance that is beyond our control.’ The announcement coincided with a statement by Fadi Abou Chakra, the representative of fuel distributors in Lebanon, saying that diesel fuel was not distributed in the local market on Monday. Abou Chakra added that several diesel-fuel tankers have been anchored in Lebanese waters, waiting for fuel subsidy issues to be resolved.

With areas across Lebanon enduring daily electricity blackouts and internet cuts, in June this year Ogero’s chairman Imad Kreidieh warned that nationwide power shortages would have a knock-on effect on his company’s ability to provide internet services.

Lebanon, Ogero Telecom