ARTP launches QoS app for mobile networks

11 Aug 2021

Senegal’s Regulation Authority for Telecommunications and Posts (L’Autorite de Regulation des Telecommunications et des Postes, ARTP) has launched a new application for Android and iOS devices that enables users to test the speed of their mobile and Wi-Fi connections and view a coverage map of 2G, 3G, 4G and, eventually, 5G networks in their area.

According to the regulator, the ‘ARTP Sama Reseau’ app collects anonymous user Quality of Experience (QoE) data that is fed to an advanced analysed platform, providing it with a comprehensive overview of the country’s mobile networks. The new tool forms part of the ARTP’s Quality of Service (QoS) and coverage strategy for the period 2021-2023, launched in December last year, which aims to improve market transparency, stimulate competition and encourage operators to investment in network expansion.