Zain Bahrain continues to expand 4G and 5G networks

10 Aug 2021

Zain Bahrain has promised continued investment to expand its 4G and 5G network footprint in the country, with a strong focus on enhancements to further improve reliability and indoor coverage. In a press release, the operator said it will expand its 5G footprint to more areas of the country, including the new urban developments of Salman Town, Khalifa City, East Hidd and Ramli Housing Areas, using Ericsson’s RAN solution to provide enhanced coverage and advanced network capabilities such as 5G carrier aggregation. The company has also made significant investments to modernise and expand its 4G layer to expand coverage and support higher speeds and capacity, by utilising new LTE bands and modernising its current equipment to further improve network availability and support higher throughputs.

On the investment and network expansion, CEO Duncan Howard said: ‘We continue our 5G network expansions in the kingdom at an ever increasing pace despite COVID-related disruptions. The pandemic has highlighted the need for mobile high-speed, high-bandwidth connections that 5G delivers. We have made substantial investments to enhance both our 4G and 5G network infrastructures that will provide faster speeds and connectivity to all our customers, thereby delivering even greater value and quality. With the network expansions and advancements underway, we at Zain Bahrain will offer seamless broadband, entertainment and mobile services to our customers at higher speeds.’

Ali Al-Yaham, Director of Technology at Zain Bahrain said: ‘Our network improvements will dramatically enhance the day-to-day experiences of our customers that will have far-reaching impact featuring faster connectivity speeds, higher capacity, ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth. Initially, our 5G networks will operate in conjunction with existing 4G networks before evolving to fully standalone networks. Our tie-up with Ericsson to provide its RAN solution will further enable continuous and faster connectivity.’

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