ProInversion pushes back deadlines for spectrum auction

5 Aug 2021

Peru’s Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (Agencia de Promocion de la Inversion Privada, ProInversion) has altered the timeline for its planned auction of spectrum in the 1700MHz and 2300MHz bands, with the winner of the tender now due to be announced on 15 December 2021. Under the new plan, the deadlines for submitting and responding to queries regarding the auction have been pushed back to 15 September and 12 October respectively, with would-be participants to submit their applications by 22 October (originally set to take place by 13 August). A list of prequalified bidders will be announced on 4 November 2021, with bids entered in two stages in early December.

As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, the winners will be required to deploy mobile networks to a combined total of 1,561 rural and remote towns, comprising more than 300,000 inhabitants. The two lots of spectrum comprise 2×30MHz in the 1700MHz band (AWS-3) at 1750MHz-1780MHz/2150MHz-2180MHz and 1×30MHz in the 2300MHz range, at 2300MHz-2330MHz. The winner of AWS frequencies will be required to provide network coverage of 1,171 rural towns, including at least 118 in the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (Valle de los Rios Apurimac, Ene y Mantaro, VRAEM) region and in the jungle areas of the country. The successful 2300MHz bidder, meanwhile, will be required to roll out mobile networks to 390 rural towns across the country.

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