MTC launches commercial VSAT services

5 Aug 2021

State-owned operator Mobile Telecommunications (MTC) has announced the commercial launch of VSAT technology to provide internet connectivity in rural areas not covered by its wireless and fixed broadband networks.

Four packages are available offering down/upload speeds ranging from 1Mbps/256kbps for NAD5,999 (USD419) a month to 8Mbps/2Mbps (NAD5,999). Customers signing up to the service during the launch promotion will receive a free VSAT terminal and Wi-Fi router as well as a VoIP extension with 100 free call minutes.

Commenting on the launch, MTC Chief Commercial Officer Melvin Angula explained: ‘VSAT connectivity continues to play a critical role in remote connectivity and backhaul of sites for MTC. MTC is desirous to meet the growing need to carry more data, driven by shifts from traditional ways of interaction, communication, and collaboration to novel ways particularly social and multimedia-based means. There is a big push to take broadband services everywhere including remote places and therefore push for a cost-effective and reliable bandwidth that support these needs.’

Namibia, Mobile Telecommunications (MTC)