Telstra to provide free national calls from 15,000 payphones

4 Aug 2021

Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra has announced that it is to offer free local and national calls to ‘standard’ fixed line and mobile numbers from 15,000 public payphones on an ongoing basis. Telstra currently receives funding of AUD40 million (USD29.5 million) per annum from the telecoms industry and the state to provide payphones under the government’s Universal Service Obligation (USO) for telecommunications. In the wake of its decision to make national calls free from payphones, communications minister Paul Fletcher said the government will ‘monitor the impact of this initiative closely, along with the ongoing role of payphones and Telstra’s delivery on its commitments under the USO’. The minister also noted that Telstra has committed that it will not seek any increase in the USO funding it receives for payphones as a result of its decision to make calls from them free.

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