T-Mobile to shut down Sprint LTE network by June 2022, report says

4 Aug 2021

T-Mobile US has revealed that it is planning to deactivate the legacy LTE network acquired from Sprint by 30 June 2022. The shutdown date was communicated to Light Reading by a company spokesperson. T-Mobile has reportedly migrated 33% of Sprint customers onto its own wireless networks to date.

TeleGeography notes that the Sprint LTE network was first launched back in July 2012 and covered a total of 300 million people at the time of the April 2020 mega-merger with T-Mobile. Sprint’s LTE networks utilised frequencies in the 800MHz (ex-iDEN), 1900MHz (Personal Communication System [PCS]) and 2500MHz (ex-WiMAX) bands.

T-Mobile has previously disclosed plans to switch off Sprint’s CDMA networks by 1 January 2022.

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