unWired secures funding from O2 Investment Partners

28 Jul 2021

O2 Investment Partners has announced that it has made a ‘significant investment’ in unWired Broadband, partnering with the company’s management team to support its rapid growth. Headquartered in Fresno, California, unWired bills itself as one of the largest fixed-wireless access (FWA) operators in the country. The ISP covers over 14,000 square miles with a network of 167 towers and provides internet services to more than 22,000 customers in rural and underserved markets throughout the Central Valley, California.

Peter Sorensen, President of unwired, commented: ‘We continue to be excited about the next stage of growth with O2 … We also have a strategic plan to expand our service offerings and geographic reach through targeted M&A and investments in our team. Our company is poised to scale, and we believe O2 is the right partner to help us achieve our goals.’

United States, unWired Broadband