T-Mobile’s 600MHz 5G footprint reaches 305 million people

28 Jul 2021

Neville Ray, T-Mobile US’s President of Technology, has announced that the cellco’s 600MHz ‘Extended Range 5G’ network now covers 305 million people across 1.7 million square miles. The executive claims that this footprint is nearly double that provided by AT&T and more than four times the size of Verizon’s 5G coverage, adding that it ranks as the ‘largest 5G FDD network in the world’. Meanwhile, in terms of 2.5GHz ‘Ultra Capacity 5G’ connectivity, T-Mobile now covers 165 million people with average download speeds of 350 Mbps. The cellco is optimistic of reaching 200 million people with 2.5GHz coverage by year-end.

United States, T-Mobile US