Kyivstar aiming for 89% LTE population coverage by year-end

28 Jul 2021

Ukraine’s mobile market leader Kyivstar reported that in the first six months of 2021 it expanded 4G LTE cellular network coverage to an additional 2,634 settlements with a combined population of approximately 1.2 million. In total, Kyivstar’s 4G network now reaches more than 15,000 cities and villages, with an end-2021 target of 16,000 settlements. Kyivstar says that currently around twelve million villagers have access to 4G, alongside 22 million people in cities. Since July 2020 the addition of refarmed LTE 900MHz frequencies has accelerated the expansion of 4G across rural areas and smaller settlements – primarily in villages with 2,000 inhabitants or less.

Kyivstar now boasts 85% LTE mobile population coverage, less than three years after launching the network, and is aiming for an 89% footprint by end-2021.

Kyivstar’s regional marketing manager Mykhailo Mykolyuk declared: ‘Building the largest 4G coverage is the number one priority for Kyivstar. That’s why we are actively investing in the network and have installed almost 3,000 new 4G base stations since the beginning of the year alone. We are proud of this result, but we are not slowing down. After all, Kyivstar high speed internet is the only way for many to be online: to study, work, receive doctor’s consultations remotely, etc.’

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