T-Mobile wants 3,000 5G base stations by end-Sept; 3G to go by end-2023

22 Jul 2021

T-Mobile Poland is expecting to have 3,000 5G base stations in service by the end of September, with the operator saying it is adding around 120 new 5G sites each week. A report from Telko.in cites T-Mobile’s technical director Petri Pehkonen as saying that 5G services will be available to around 40% of the population by the same date.

Meanwhile, the cellco has confirmed plans to shut down its 2100MHz 3G network by end-2023, with the spectrum to be reused to support 4G and 5G services. 3G networks in the 900MHz band are also being shut down. Customers with 3G-only SIM cards are being offered a free replacement 4G or 5G SIM. T-Mobile says that 90% of the data sent over its network goes via 4G, with just 3% carried via 3G. It is initially closing 2100MHz 3G networks in areas where it does not yet offer 5G coverage in order to boost speeds on the 4G network in those areas.

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