MegaFon awards Huawei, Nokia, ZTE network contracts for seven-year plan

14 Jul 2021

Russian mobile heavyweight MegaFon has announced that it will develop its network over the next seven years in partnership with Huawei, Nokia and ZTE, the three winners of a tender for supplying radio access equipment, with the first large-scale project under the seven-year programme starting in 3Q21 with a strategic modernisation in Moscow city/region. Under the tender, the three vendors have been allocated the following geographic areas: Nokia (Central Federal District including Moscow, and the Caucasus); ZTE (Chelyabinsk, Orenburg and Chuvashia); and Huawei (Volga Region, Central, North-West, Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern Districts). Equipment used will have better energy efficiency and higher performance compared to previous generations, enabling development of advanced services alongside optimisation of operating costs.

MegaFon’s director of network infrastructure Valentin Polozenko said: ‘Our immediate plans are to update the infrastructure in key regions. New modern equipment enables us to develop services based on all communication standards, as well as to take advantage of dynamic spectrum allocation. All equipment supports high-order MIMO technologies, as a result of which we will be able to provide a two-to-five times increase in peak speeds for modern smartphones.’ The project will increase network capacity and improve the quality of services, providing peak speeds of more than 1Gbps via installation of the latest technology alongside refarming/sharing all existing frequency bands for LTE.

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