XL Axiata beefs up 4G network in Sukabumi

13 Jul 2021

Indonesian mobile network operator (MNO) XL Axiata has reported that, as part of its ongoing network upgrade works, its 4G LTE signal now extends to 70% of the city of Sukabumi and its environs, in West Java. In response to a surge in demand for data, the MNO has added 109 new 4G BTS since mid-2020 to boost the total on air in the city to 1,150 – comprising 52 sub-districts, 38 sub-urban areas and 326 villages – and serving more than 400,000 subscribers. Further, XL Axiata Region Group Head Sofia Purbayanti noted that the company is accelerating the rollout of fibre-optic cable networks to support its 4G BTS with ultra-fast backhaul while continuing to deploy new BTS in remote areas of Sukabumi.

Indonesia, XL Axiata