Nepal Telecom to shut down WiMAX service by end of year

13 Jul 2021

State-owned telecoms provider Nepal Telecom (NT) has revealed plans to shut down its WiMAX service by the end of the year and move customers to alternative broadband technologies, reports Setting out its programme for the year, NT explained it no longer saw a need to continue the commercially unviable wireless service given the rapid expansion of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and LTE networks.

NT launched its WiMAX service in November 2012 to provide connectivity in rural areas of the country, using 30MHz of frequencies in the 2300MHz spectrum band. However, following the development of alternative technologies, as well as cross-border interference from Indian telco Jio in the south of the country, the service is now limited to a few mountainous regions. According to figures published by the National Telecommunications Authority (NTA), only 18,558 households were subscribed to NT’s WiMAX service at mid-March 2021.

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