Osiptel to scrutinise migration/cancellation processes

12 Jul 2021

Peruvian telecoms watchdog the Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Organismo Supervisor de Inversion Privada en Telecommuniciones, Osiptel) has issued a new resolution requiring providers of telecommunications services to file daily reports on the cancellation of subscriptions and migration of customers from one plan to another with the same company. Osiptel will use the reports to monitor operators’ compliance with the existing rules governing the process, noting that it receives high levels of complaints regarding the migration and cancellation of subscriptions. Between 2016 and 2020, Osiptel resolved more than 185,000 complaints regarding requests to cancel subscriptions, with 36% of those cases found in favour of the customer. Further, Osiptel highlighted that between 2018 and 2020 it had seen increases of 77% and 84% in the number of complaints its had received regarding the termination of contracts and switching tariffs, respectively. The new resolution is set to be implemented in two stages after a delay to allow the regulator and providers to make the necessary adjustments. From 1 January 2022 reports must be filed with information concerning requests from customers to migrate or cancel subscriptions, and from 1 July 2022 reports must be submitted on the total number of requests that were executed by the company. The requirements will only be imposed on companies with more than 500,000 subscribers, however.

Peru, Osiptel