A1 5G network covers 80% of Vienna

12 Jul 2021

A1 Telekom Austria has announced that its total number of 5G transmitters has increased to 2,000 across the country. The firm’s 5G network now covers almost 50% of the population across the country, including 80% of the capital Vienna. ‘The rapid and comprehensive expansion of the digital infrastructure is one of the most important prerequisites for the successful development of our living spaces. Our investments in the “5Giganetz” lay the basis for the use of all digital applications that offer us real added value at home, in the office and in industrial companies,’ commented A1 CEO Marcus Grausam, adding: ‘With 5G, we are also laying the basis for the development and implementation of innovative smart city technologies that will improve our quality of life and simplify everyday life in the city – be it by monitoring air quality, energy consumption and traffic or by efficiently networking machines and devices the city administration.’

Austria, A1 Telekom Austria