VodafoneZiggo, Ericsson test 26GHz 5G for Augmented Reality

9 Jul 2021

VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson have carried out 5G 26GHz tests at the 5G Hub in Eindhoven, involving Augmented Reality (AR) applications in partnership with Dutch Rose Media. In a demo, several people were simultaneously projected hologram-style onto a stage via a 3D AR application supported by a 26GHz 5G network. Natasja Paulssen of Dutch Rose Media noted: ‘Without the use of this high capacity frequency, we can visualise one person for eight seconds before the equipment can no longer process the amount of data. With 5G and the 26GHz frequency, we can see large groups of people at the same time during this demo for a longer period of time, and this offers enormous opportunities for the entertainment sector.’ Ericsson’s Andreas Daun added: ‘26GHz is a frequency with a very high capacity and the possibilities for ultra low delay (latency). It mainly opens the way for Industry 4.0 and the entertainment sector to develop new applications such as Extended Reality.’

Netherlands, Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo