Taiwan Mobile’s 5G subscriber base surpasses 800,000

29 Jun 2021

Taiwan Mobile has now signed up more than 800,000 subscribers to its 5G services, the Taipei Times reports. With the cellco noting that subscriptions had increased faster than expected, it was said to have attributed growth to longer service contracts – it has lengthened its 5G contracts to 48 months, compared with the 36 months lock-in periods for its 4G offerings, and has suggested that doing so has eased the financial burden for people opting to sign up for a plan with a ‘flagship’ handset. According to the report, more than half of Taiwan Mobile’s iPhone users have opted for a two-year contract, while around 80% of its 5G users are said to be signed up on a contract which a high monthly cost, i.e. TWD999 (USD36) or more. Meanwhile, the cellco also confirmed that it has now constructed more than 6,000 base stations offering 5G connectivity in the 3.5GHz band, with these ‘covering more than 70% of the mobile traffic’.

Alongside Taiwan Mobile’s subscriber announcement, Far EasTone was reported to have said yesterday (28 June) that it expects its 5G customer base to reach 800,000 by next month, having constructed more than 7,000 5G base stations since it launched in July 2020. Meanwhile, mobile market leader Chunghwa Telecom is reportedly hoping to top one million 5G accesses by the end of this month.