Tmcel to deploy 4G nationwide while beginning 5G tests

25 Jun 2021

Mocambique Telecom (Tmcel) says it is planning a network development programme which will see it extend 4G coverage nationwide while also preparing the way for future 5G services. Under a USD23 million contract with Chinese vendor Huawei, Tmcel has been upgrading its networks in Maputo and Matola, while it is also seeking financing to modernise and expand its fibre backbone infrastructure.

A report from A Verdade, cites the firm’s chairman, Mahomed Rafique Jusob, as saying: ‘The implementation of the latest generation 5G technology, together with the project to expand the 4G network, is in the testing phase in Maputo and, if everything goes according to schedule, the respective equipment will arrive in the country within a month, which will allow the company to operate the entire network in the parameters of LTE 4G technology.’

Discussing the recent interconnect dispute with rival operator Vodacom, Jusob said: ‘We will pay MZN200 million [USD3.1 million] within the next three months, and from then on we will pay the current and accumulated debt, an average of MZN12 million monthly, starting in June.’

Mozambique, Mocambique Telecom (Tmcel)