Telekom, Deutsche Bahn team up to close coverage gaps along rail routes

24 Jun 2021

Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Telekom, which provides domestic fixed and mobile services via its Telekom Deutschland unit, have teamed up to achieve seamless mobile network coverage along all railway tracks. Under the plan, passengers will be able to make calls and surf the internet on all routes without interruption using the Telekom network by the end of 2026. Both companies have agreed that Telekom will roll out its mobile network along Deutsche Bahn’s railway lines, close any gaps, and significantly increase its network’s performance. The operator, which will put around 800 new cell sites into operation in the coming years and expand its capacity at hundreds of sites, aims to supply all routes with maximum data rates of between 100Mbps and 200Mbps.

‘The cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn is a clear signal,’ stated Timotheus Hottges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, adding: ‘We want to make Germany more digital. Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn have a shared responsibility for their customers. That’s why we are now also tackling the issue of rail coverage together and want to ensure that customers can make phone calls, surf and stream in the best quality.’

Germany, Telekom Deutschland