Bezeq announces launch of ‘FTTR’ solution; boosts maximum fibre downlink speed to 2.5Gbps

23 Jun 2021

Israeli fixed line incumbent Bezeq has announced the launch of what it is calling its ‘fibre-to-the-room’ (‘FTTR’) solution, saying in a press release that the new product represents ‘the first time in Israel that fibre-optics reach not just the entrance of the home but into the rooms themselves’. According to Bezeq, this new service will enable surfing at speeds of up to 1Gbps via Wi-Fi, and entails one of its technicians ‘threading’ an optical fibre connection into a second room in a property (to a maximum of two fibre points per home).

Alongside the launch of its FTTR offering, Bezeq has also revealed it is boosting the maximum speeds available over its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network, with the introduction of a new 2.5Gbps-capable plan, costing ILS149 (USD46) per month (note: this price is for the infrastructure element of the service only, and excludes the ISP rental fee element). To celebrate the launch of the faster speeds, the telco is offering three-month discount on both its 2.5Gbps service – reducing it to ILS74.5 per month for the promotional period – and its 1Gbps service, with the latter being reduced to ILS59.5 for the offer period, from its regular price of ILS119 per month.

Finally, as part of the updates to its fibre broadband portfolio, Bezeq has also launched the latest model of its ‘Be’ router, the ‘Be Fiber’. According to the telco, this new device facilitates surfing at 2.5Gbps and supports the connection of 128 devices in parallel. The router is being provided to customers on a rental basis at a cost of ILS19.9 per month.

Commenting on the developments, Bezeq CEO Dudu Mizrahi said: ‘We promised and have kept our promise. Bezeq started deployment of optical fibres at unprecedented speed just last January, and in only half a year we have deployed fibre infrastructure to 680,000 homes. I am proud to announce that already now the Bezeq network is the biggest and most extensive in Israel, and that by the end of the year we expect to reach a million homes. Bezeq is making a revolution in the fibres field in Israel and is changing the Israeli internet market, with an unprecedented rate of deployment and a coverage rate for 80% of the homes in Israel, in both the centre of the country and the more outlying areas.’