Mozambique dispute rumbles on

21 Jun 2021

Vodacom Mozambique says no agreement has been reached in its interconnect dispute with rival operator Mocambique Telecom (Tmcel). The pair held negotiations on Friday (18 June) under the mediation of the National Institute of Communications of Mozambique (INCM, also known as ARECOM). Tmcel owes Vodacom MZN640 million (USD10.3 million), and a report from The Ouagadougou Times says that it proposed paying off MZN200 million within 90 days, while also beginning to pay MZN12 million a month. Vodacom rejected this solution and demanded payment of MZN200 million within ten days, saying that it reserves the right to stop interconnecting calls to its network from Tmcel customers if an agreement on the debt is not reached within ten days.