KemKominfo issues second warning to Net1 over non-payment of BHP frequency fees

15 Jun 2021

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI, or KemKominfo) has issued a second warning to Indonesian mobile operator Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (STI, branded Net1) over its failure to pay overdue BHP frequency spectrum fees. Having already sent a first warning on 1 May 2021 over total arrears amounting to IDR442 billion (USD31.1 million) – with a due date of 1 June – in the face of continued non-payment KemKominfo has now sent a second, informing Net1 it must make good on the settlement of BHP IPFR obligations on or before 31 July or risk the suspension of its licence. The ministry notes that if Net1 fails to comply with regulation PP5 of 2021, it will issue a third warning on 1 August along with the notification of ‘temporary cessation’ of operations on the use of radio frequency spectrum.

STI was awarded a Cellular Mobile Network Operation Licence in the 450MHz frequency band under ‘Decree of the Minister of Communication and Information Number 1660 of 2016’, dated 20 September 2016. It is licensed to use spectrum in the 450MHz-457.5MHz range paired with 460MHz-467.5MHz.