Kyrgyzstan plots 5G launch path

11 Jun 2021

Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Digital Development has reiterated plans to launch commercial 5G network services by 2023, under the country’s digital economy programme for 2021-2023, reports Officials noted that whilst the national development of 4G networks has not yet reached the desired peak level for a full 5G launch to commence, the initial introduction of 5G technology is imminent. A government statement noted that 5G was envisaged to enable smart cities, smart homes and remote-controlled vehicles, and optimise processes in industrial facilities, offices, shopping malls and social facilities.

A report from cited the Ministry as saying the following steps must be undertaken to introduce 5G technology: carry out work on the release of suitable 5G frequency bands; select a city to test the technology using 5G-capable mobile phones; and monitor the delivery of high quality mobile internet to the population.

Furthermore, Tazabek quoted Kyrgyzstan’s State Communications Agency director Talant Kalykov disclosing plans to launch a pilot 5G network by the end of 2021, with further details to follow.

Kyrgyzstan, State Communications Agency