Vodafone will upgrade cable speeds for 4m customers by 2023

10 Jun 2021

Vodafone Germany has announced it is increasing the speed of its fixed broadband cable connections for around four million customers. Claimed to be the largest tariff upgrade programme for existing customers in the company’s history, the move will be free of charge and completed by 2023. Vodafone has already increased the speed of around 500,000 customers in the past few weeks and will now focus primarily on older tariffs with low one-digit or two-digit download speeds, which will be upgraded up to 50Mbps. For around one million existing customers, the download speed will be doubled, while for customers currently accessing speeds of 150Mbps or 200Mbps, the rate will be increased to 250Mbps, and customers with 400Mbps rates will be upgraded to 500Mbps.

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