Group Vivendi Africa launches FTTH services in Ouagadougou

8 Jun 2021

Group Vivendi Africa (GVA) has officially launched fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services in Burkina Faso and announced its ambition to revolutionise the country’s broadband market, reports Le Faso. ‘What we’re offering is speed, and we’re not talking megabits,’ the company stressed, promising subscribers would enjoy an unrivalled service, unlimited usage and affordable prices.

Speaking at the launch event in the capital Ouagadougou on 3 June, GVA Burkina Faso CEO Arman Sato said: ‘We are coming here, not to be just another operator, but to be the best. Everything will change in Ouagadougou, because GVA has a mission to democratise the internet in homes.’ Marco De Assis, President of Group Vivendi Africa, added: ‘Our teams are setting up in Ouagadougou the best internet network for the public, as we are convinced broadband access for all is a key factor in economic and social development. GVA’s mission is to make internet access affordable for all homes.’

The company’s new unlimited CanalBox package provides a maximum download speed of 50Mbps for XOF30,000 (USD45.7) a month. The service is currently available in several areas of Ouagadougou, namely the ZACA Zone, Koulouba, Paspanga, Nimnin, Cite en III, Saint Leon, Kamsonghin, Samandin, Bilbalogho, 1200 logements, Dagnoen, Kalgondin and Wemtenga, while deployment continues in several other areas of the city, including Wayalguin, Zone du Bois, Zogona, Dassasgho, Gounghin, Pissy, Petit Paris and Karpala. GVA aims to expand its FTTH network throughout the country ‘as quickly as possible’.

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