beCloud kicks off second phase of 5G tests

7 Jun 2021

Belarus’ national infrastructure operator Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud) has announced the ramping up of its 5G test zones in the country, as it enters the second stage of widescale testing ahead of the commercial launch of the technology. In a press release the company noted that since last year it has been carrying out trials to explore the possibilities of 5G technology and determine the optimal scenarios for its implementation in Belarus. With the tests organised into frequencies in the 2500MHz-2570MHz/2620MHz-2690MHz and 3400MHz-3800MHz bands, between May and December 2020 beCloud began verification of fifth-generation technologies in Minsk and Gomel to amongst other things: study realistically achievable indicators of coverage and quality in conditions of dense urban development; analyse electromagnetic compatibility with existing technologies; verify compliance with standards during 5G operation; evaluate the efficiency of using the ‘non-standard’ frequency range of 2.6GHz; test equipment from different manufacturers; and carry out the ‘practical testing of 5G network and architectural solutions to ensure the operation of robotic (unmanned) vehicles’.

In 2021, beCloud will increase the number of test zones due to the complexity of the facilities used and continue testing the 5G network to ensure the operation of remotely controlled vehicles. A new test site was launched at the National Airport at the start of 2021 while in the near future, the operator’s 5G network will also appear at individual stations and sections of the Minsk metro.

Mikhail Duka, Deputy General Director for Telecommunications, Belarusian Cloud Technologies, said: ‘The second stage of testing will continue until the end of 2021. Once the regulator makes a decision on the network deployment model and the allocated frequencies in the country, we will be ready to start implementing the fifth-generation network in Belarus immediately and launch commercial operation’.