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3 Jun 2021

Orange Poland is rolling out a ‘blockchain of things’ in over 80 cities supporting smart city facilities, integrated with the Live Objects IoT platform. Orange is working on a universal standard with SmartKey to enable blockchain-IoT SIM cards enabling access control, such as to admit first responders in an emergency, and other smart city functions like smart bikes and utilities to be managed by smart phones. The partners’ first use case will be an extension of Smartkey’s Rescue without Barriers pilot, which enabled rescue services in Olsztyn, Poland, to gain immediate access to every secure district and building in the area, using blockchain, greatly reducing response times and saving lives. Hospital barriers and other gates and entrances open when a rescue vehicle, whose team uses the SmartKey solution, approaches.

Telit Communications has launched commercial operations of its new mobile core network, ‘Telit NExT’, enabling new and enhanced turnkey services that give enterprises, IoT service providers and other users access to over 600 2G, 3G and 4G networks in 190 countries. Tomer Lavie, Head of Telit’s Connectivity Business Unit, said: ‘Reliable, secure, seamless, and cost-effective connectivity is the lifeblood of every commercial, industrial, and consumer IoT deployment. The state-of-the-art architecture of the Telit NExT network enables new business models for packaging and pricing services for enterprises, IoT service providers and others for quickly rolling out IoT deployments from a few to millions of devices.’

Telenor Connexion has signed an agreement with Ningbo Sanxing Smart Electric to connect one million smart utility meters in Sweden and other Nordic countries using LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies by 2025. A managed service provided by Telenor Connexion will include access to multiple networks, technical and operational support, connectivity management based on Ericsson IoT Accelerator as well as logistics and testing services. LTE-M was chosen as the primary mobile technology with NB-IoT as fallback.

Swiss Post is rolling out over 100,000 ‘SmartButtons’ for on-demand delivery service in villages throughout Switzerland using the Swisscom nationwide LoRaWAN network, itself utilising the Actility ThingPark platform. Swiss Post and Swisscom have jointly operated LoRaWAN network services since spring 2017, after Swisscom’s national LoRaWAN network went live in autumn 2016 following collaboration with Actility starting in 2015.

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