Orange Bissau launches network modernisation programme; targets rural areas

1 Jun 2021

Orange Group subsidiary Orange Bissau has launched an ambitious programme to modernise its mobile network and extend its rural coverage to more than 1,000 new villages in Guinea Bissau. In a press release, the parent company noted that to mark the start of the drive, the unit had switched on its mobile signal in the village of Bijimita in the district of Quinhamel. The company said that inauguration of its upgrade drive ultimately targets:

• the complete modernisation of Orange Bissau’s existing 3G+/4G network, and

• the extension of Orange Bissau’s 2G/3G rural coverage to more than 1,000 villages, with the deployment of 150 new antennas.

The modernisation is supported by investment of XOD13.4 billion (USD24.9 million).

Guinea-Bissau, Orange Bissau, Orange Group