Ministry approves establishment of potential third cellco

1 Jun 2021

Syria’s Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection has approved articles of association for a potential third wireless provider. The Levant News writes that images of the documents concerning the new firm, Wafa Telecom, were published in local press, stating that the company will provide cellular communications and related services. Seven Syrian companies were listed as helping establish Wafa Telecom, namely: Wafa Telecom, ABC, IBC Advanced, IBC Technology, IBC Telecom, Tele Space, and Tell You. The report notes that the decision was signed in September 2020, but was only published in the Official Gazette in 2021. Following the circulation of the information, however, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Communication and Technology (MoCT) clarified that Wafa Telecom has not been issued the necessary licences by the sector authorities. The representative went on to state that the MoCT and Syrian Telecom Regulatory Authority (SyTRA) would make an announcement when a third mobile licence is awarded.