MegaFon testing Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for 4G/5G

1 Jun 2021

Russian cellco MegaFon has launched a test zone in St. Petersburg where users with compatible devices can access 4G/5G services implemented via Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology, also referred to as dynamic spectrum allocation, utilising the operator’s existing multi-band 4G LTE (FDD) frequencies plus millimetre wave (mmWave) higher-band spectrum. The 10km-square test zone has no limit on the number of users, providing a maximum potential mobile internet speed of 1Gbps in existing commercial bands and ‘up to 4.1Gbps’ via mmWave, according to MegaFon. CEO Gevork Vermishyan said: ‘DSS technology is not a replacement for the main [proposed 5G] frequency range. Together with partners, we continue to interact with regulatory bodies and consider the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz frequencies to be a priority for the development of 5G. However, every new cellular technology requires more bandwidth. We will launch 5G in the target range and gradually, using DSS technology, we will be able to use the potential of the low frequency bands of 2600MHz, 2100MHz and 1800MHz to improve the quality of service and implement the functionality of 5G.’

Russia, MegaFon